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Sponsor Licence: Empower Your Workforce

At Worldwide Immigration, we recognize the importance of employing overseas nationals to enrich your workforce. If you intend to hire individuals from abroad who do not possess settled worker status or relevant immigration permissions for employment in the UK, you will require a Sponsor Licence. This applies to most EU, EEA, and Swiss nationals who arrived in the UK after 31 December 2020. 

Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence


General Requirements

To become an authorized sponsor under the Skilled Worker category, you must demonstrate that you are a legitimate organization operating lawfully in the UK. This entails providing a set of specific documents outlined in Appendix A of the sponsor guidance. The documentation requirements may vary based on your circumstances.
Appendix A categorizes the documentation into four tables. Table 1 exempts public authorities and companies listed on the London Stock Exchange from submitting additional documents beyond those related to their specific licence. Table 2 pertains to start-ups, franchises, and charities. Table 3 specifies evidence needed for particular tiers, while Table 4 lists other potential documents, including the latest set of audited accounts if applicable.
In addition to information about your organization, the intended job role, and the prospective candidate, you must also explain to the Home Office the reasons for applying for a Skilled Worker sponsor licence.

Honest, Dependable, Reliable

The Home Office will assess your honesty, dependability, and reliability by examining your business's history and background, as well as those of the Key Personnel named in your application. It is essential to ensure that your organization's history aligns with the public good.

Capable of Carrying Out Sponsor Duties

As a sponsor license holder, you must fulfill various sponsorship duties, including reporting, record-keeping, and compliance with UK immigration law. The Home Office will assess your capability to perform these duties within specified timeframes, primarily by evaluating your human resources and recruitment procedures.
Sponsorship duties encompass reporting information about sponsored workers, maintaining employment records such as contracts and salaries, and ensuring the authenticity of advertised vacancies.

Route-Specific Requirements

To obtain approval, you must satisfy the decision maker that:
- You can offer employment that meets the skill and salary level requirements of the Skilled Worker route.
- The job(s) you intend to sponsor are genuine.
- There is a direct employer-employee relationship, without involving third-party hiring for routine roles.

Appointing Key Personnel

After ensuring that your organization meets the sponsorship requirements, appoint Key Personnel:
- Authorising Officer: Responsible for overall licence compliance.
- Key Contact: Primary liaison with the Home Office.
- Level 1 User: Manages sponsorship activities through the Sponsorship Management System (SMS).
These personnel must meet specific criteria and be in the UK for their designated role's duration.

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Allocation

You will estimate and justify the number of Undefined CoS you wish to assign in your first licensed year. Upon approval, you'll receive your CoS allocation for the year, valid for 12 months.

Sponsor Licence Application Fee

The application fee varies based on your organization's size. Small companies or charities pay £536.00, while medium or large companies pay £1,476.00.

Sponsor Licence Validity

A successful Skilled Worker sponsor licence is valid for four years. Renewal is required to continue sponsoring skilled workers beyond this period.

Further Information and Assistance

Our OISC Level 3 registered specialists have extensive experience in immigration advice and services. For more information on UK immigration law and visa applications, contact us at 0203 488 2308 or Info@worldwideimmigration.co.uk. Empower your business with a Skilled Worker Sponsor Licence today!


Frequently Asked Question


    We can prepare a licence application for you within a matter of days and the Home Office will usually process those applications within weeks, there are however priority services available to speed up your application process.


    Do you guarantee that I will obtain my sponsor licence if I use your services?

    We Offer No win No Fee Guarantee for all our clients looking for sponsor licence service with us.