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  • Do I have to visit Worldwide Immigration's offices, or do we have an alternate option?
    We offer an office appointment, video call appointment through Teams, or a telephonic call appointment as per your convenience and availability of our experts.
  • How do your professional fees work?
    We charged a fixed fee and we also offer a NO WIN NO FEE based on the details of your case. We are not the cheapest firm, nor the most expensive, but we feel we are a safe choice for those who want experienced and dedicated lawyers but do not want to overpay..
  • Do you guarantee my visa will be granted or offer “No Win No Fee”?
    We can offer a No Win No Fee service to clients. We assess the prospects after a short discussion and then provide a quote. Clients can then accept a lower fee without a guarantee of return of fees or choose to go with a quote with a guarantee of return of fees. It is important that you are honest with us about your situation and obtain the documents we ask for as this could invalidate a No Win No Fee agreement. It is important to note that we hold all fees at the time of application, which will be returned if the matter is refused...
  • How quickly can I obtain a Sponsor licence?
    We can prepare a licence application for you within a matter of days and the Home Office will usually process those applications within weeks, there are however priority services available to speed up your application process.
  • Do you guarantee that I will obtain my sponsor licence if I use your services?
    We Offer No win No Fee Guarantee for all our clients looking for sponsor licence service with us.