TOC Applications

TOC Applications

TOC Application

An individual can make an application for Transfer of Conditions (TOC) if the leave to remain endorsed on an old passport in limited. A new limited leave of remain will be granted after the application by the UKBA/UKVI on a biometric residence permit normally called the BRP card.

Same day visa service is available for the TOC application giving you the opportunity to get a decision on the application within 24 hours.

Essentially the Transfer of Conditions applications was designed to allow persons whose passports have now been invalidated or have expired and are therefore seeking to transfer the conditions of their leave to a new Biometrics Residence Permit cards.

Please note that even though your passport is expired, the visa on it, if not expired still remains valid. However, you have to show a new passport along with the old one if you are travelling. If you do not have a passport and are traveling outside the country without a plan to return, it may be best to apply for a one-way travel document.

Note that if you are in the UK, it is best to apply for a BRP and if you are applying from outside the country, it is best to transfer your visa to a new passport.

In the event that your name or personal details have changed, and you are in the UK, if you have a leave granted for more than 6 months and whilst in the UK your name, nationality, facial appearance, date of birth or gender change, it is best to apply for a BRP from inside the UK. However, if you are staying for less than 6 months, you may be not needed to apply for a BRP.

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