International Sportsperson

The InternaDonal Sportsperson route is for an elite sportsperson or qualified sports coach who is internaDonally established and can make a significant contribuDon to the development of their sport at its highest level in the UK. It is part of the points based visa system. This visa is applicable if you are recognised by your sport’s governing body as being an elite member of your profession.

Eligibility requirements

This Visa is part of the UK’s points-based immigraDon system. You must score at least 70 points to be eligible for this visa.

You can score 50 points by gerng a CerDficate of Sponsorship to prove to the Home Office that you have a job offer in the UK. You will need to prove that the role you will be doing will make a significant contribuDon to the development of your sport and that you are:

§ An elite sportsperson or qualified coach
§ Recognised by your sport’s governing body as being internaDonally established at the

highest level of your profession

You must get your endorsement from your sport’s governing body and to be able to issue you a CerDficate of Sponsorship they hold a sponsor licence to employ overseas workers.

A further 10 points can be scored by meeDng the English language requirements. Applicants for a sportsperson visa don’t have to meet the same English language requirements as applicants for other work visas. Instead of being able to pass an accredited English test at CEFR level B1, Sportspersons can be eligible as long as they pass at least level A1.

The final 10 points can be scored by meeDng the maintenance requirements. You will need to prove that you can support yourself financially whilst in the UK. To do this you will need to show that you have had at least £1,270 in your bank account for a conDnuous period of at least 28 days within 31 days of applying for your visa.

How long you can stay

Your visa can last for up to 3 years. You can extend it as long as you’re sDll eligible. Aker 5 years, you may be able to seale permanently in the UK.
Switching to InternaBonal Sportsperson Visa

You can apply to change (‘switch’) from another visa to an InternaDonal Sportsperson visa. You cannot apply to switch to this visa if you’re currently in the UK:

  • on a visit visa – unless you’ve been doing permiaed acDviDes as a sportsperson

  • on a short-term student visa

  • on a Parent of a Child Student visa

  • on a seasonal worker visa

  • on a domesDc worker in a private household visa

  • on immigraDon bail

  • because you were given permission to stay outside the immigraDon rules, for

    example on compassionate grounds

    If you have a student visa or are studying for a PhD

    If you’re switching from a student visa, you must have been sponsored by a licensed sponsor to get one of the following qualificaDons:

  • a UK bachelors degree

  • a UK masters degree

  • a postgraduate cerDficate in educaDon

  • a professional graduate diploma of educaDon

    If you’re a PhD student, you must have completed at least 12 months’ study during your most recent stay in the UK. This can be through a licensed sponsor or another visa that allowed you to study.

    Family members eligible to join

    Your partner and children under the age of 18 can join you in the UK as your ‘dependants’.

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