Home Office Audits

If you are a sponsor licence holder, you will be inspected by the Home Office at some point during the validity period of your licence. This is to make sure that the information you gave as part of your sponsor licence application is accurate and that you are able and continuing to comply with the duties and responsibilities of a licensed sponsor.

UKVI may also visit your business premises to carry out checks before a decision on your sponsor licence application is made. Our expert immigration advisors/lawyers can draw on their experience of Home Office compliance requirements to conduct an immigration audit of your business ahead of any Home Office inspection.

When UKVI compliance officers visit your business premises they will check that:

  • Information that has been given to UKVI is accurate and complete

  • You are able to offer employment at the required skill level

  • You are genuine and trading or operating lawfully in the UK

  • There are no reasons to believe you represent a threat to immigration control

  • You are committed to, and actually are, complying with all the duties of sponsorship You can expect your record keeping, reporting and immigration status monitoring processes

    and documentation to be reviewed in order to ensure that you remain compliant.

    The compliance officer may not give an indication of their assessment or your ability to comply with sponsor duties during the visit.

    Mock Immigration Audit

    Mock immigration Audit by our expert immigration advisors/lawyers will ensure that you, as a sponsor, are operating in compliance with the Government’s immigration compliance regime and are well prepared for a Home Office visit.

    During our mock immigration audit, our experts will

• Verify information that you gave on your sponsor licence application

  • Check your document management and record-keeping systems to ensure that you are complying with all of your sponsor duties (or will be able to comply if your licence application has not yet been decided)

  • Review the personnel files of any sponsored migrants to identify any deficiencies and areas for improvement

  • Interview any of your employees involved in the recruitment of migrant workers to prepare them for the type of questions that a Home Office inspector is likely to ask

  • Speak to any migrant workers to determine whether they are familiar with the terms and conditions of their UK visas

  • Conduct checks on other workers to ensure you are complying with your obligation to prevent illegal working

    Following our mock immigration audit, you will receive a comprehensive written report prepared by the expert immigration lawyer who conducted the audit identifying risk areas and providing expert recommendations for improvement.

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