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Tier 2 Sports Person

For top-level athletes and coaches - whose application is being endorsed by their sport's governing body - who are coming to the UK to work in a way that will help their sport's development. Workers for this visa must have a certificate of sponsorship from a sports organisation with a valid Tier 2 sponsorship license before they apply.

Length of stay

Up to 3 years, and up to 6 years with extensions.


Tier 2 (Sportsperson) visa applicants must have funds of at least £945 and must have had this amount consistently for 3 months or more, unless their Tier 2 sponsor can guarantee their maintenance with the UK Home Office. Only 'A rated' sponsors have this option.

Funding rules exemptions Workers who are already in the UK and meet one of these conditions are exempt from the funding requirements for this visa:

  • Holders of any other Tier 2 visa
  • Employees of a Jewish agency
  • Ground staff employed by an airline based outside of the UK
  • Religious workers (with a pre-existing visa), including ministers, missionaries, and religious order members
  • Workers employed by a media organisation - such as a newspaper or television news station - based outside of the UK
  • Work permit holders

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